Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Miranda Pregnant 116


Anonymous said...

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Melissa Martin
I love the pics they are precious!! can't wait for e-man to get here already!!

Chandra Robinson Sawyer
Those pictures are absolutely adorable!!!

Brooke Smith
These are really good!!

Krysten Faust
These pics are to cute!!!

Erica Thomas
Wow! So artistic and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Facebook comment by Kerri North Roycroft

Ok so I just cried looking at those pictures....amazing! I love them so much. I am so happy for you! I love you girl!! Can't wait to meet the lil man :)

Anonymous said...

Facebook comment by Pamela Kelley Colarusso

Beautiful pics, time sure has changed LOL, back in the day, we NEVER showed our baby tummy :-))

Anonymous said...

Facebook comment by Ruth Emmons

Thats so cute how Jason's hands are making a heart...that is him right?

Anonymous said...

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Carolyn Blank Graber
I love this pic with his hands and making a heart around her belly...

Holly Phillips Hardwick
Yeah me too thats my fav!!!